30 samples made with colored and patterned tapes

We will present 30 samples made with patterned tapes, colored tapes, washi tapes ie decorative Japanese tapes. If you ask what is done with patterned bands, it can be used in every area where the band can stick. If you want to color your life, get rid of simplicity and want some difference, you should use these bands.

Washi tapes are patterned tapes on the other side adhering to the back telling for those who don’t know. So we can say the pattern of the bats we call the money band. Easy and simple to apply.

Patterned tapes are decorative products that are easy to make and will not force the budget in terms of cost. You can do more by spending more time and effort by painting or applying different techniques.

Of course, the appearance of decorative items spent on labor and time will be different. But if you don’t have much time, if you want urgent changes, you can change your furniture with decorative tapes without wasting time.

Speaking of the Japanese band above, it is worth mentioning how rich and broad the Japanese culture is. We have already mentioned that Watermelon Carving is a traditional Japanese art of Mukimono, and that Rain Chain is the traditional way of collecting water used in Japanese houses. Of course, there are a few different things that pass through Japan.

Beautiful Examples Made with Patterned Tapes

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