7 Special Design Bedrooms by Famous Director

If you are looking for special design bedrooms, we will show you these bedrooms designed by 7 famous directors. Seven different bedrooms. When you see the bedrooms, you understand why I use the word different.

These seven rooms are designed by seven different directors. It’s an order in their minds that they portray in their imagination. It is more of a scene-specific behavior, a design that is contrary to real life and difficult to adapt. Nobody expects you to design such or similar bedrooms, but… yes, of course. Nobody says that they already buy ready-to-install bedrooms that are sold in easy-designed sets.

The message we want to give may be that we are all heroes of our own imagination and we can bring our own designs to the fore, without being dependent on anyone. We decorate our bedrooms as we wish and paint them in any color.

We may not have the freedom to put a fireplace, stairs or airplane in the middle of the room, but we should do our best for the bedroom of our dreams. We can make a nice enough design. Now let’s take a look at our paintings with colors, accessories, bearings and other objects.

Custom Design Bedrooms from 7 famous directors with surreal and fantastic worlds

This bedroom was created by Peter Jackson, director of the Lord of the Rings. We are talking about a movie that has been watched by millions of spectators in the world, broke box office records and sold DVDs. The film is a weight that everyone knows and can guess from three to five up. Our bedroom is predominantly green, close to nature, the stove in the middle of the room as you can tell from the leaves almost a tree placed in the room. A room worthy of those dear Hobbits.

Let Dario Argento, the architect of this bedroom. In our bedroom, hard colors are used and are a bit dark. The lights at the top of the stairs are ironic. With the intention of lighting the room, but not much light power. The room was a bit in the shade, and that’s what I requested at the moment. The horror film can be an example for our readers.

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