Art from 100 Thousand Prohibited Books

A work of art from a book that resembles an open library with a design of the Greek temple of prohibited books. South American artist Marta Minujín left her mark on the German art exhibition with her architectural work Parthenon of Books. Parthenon of Books consists of 100 thousand books in Kassel, Germany.

Artist Marta Minujín collected 100,000 banned copies of books. With this book they collected, he made the similarity of the famous Greek temple. Minujín worked with the University of Kassel and university students to identify books that were banned worldwide.

Together with the students, copies of books prohibited from the public were asked. The books were sent to the University of Kassel or to the Athens School of Fine Arts in Athens. If the books to be sent exceed 500 kg, they were asked to be contacted.

And it came out of such a beautiful book of art. The books were fixed with a stretch film so that they could be read at the feet of the temple.

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